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The Best School Lunch Boxes of 2018

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Creating a functional and healthy lunch box is not as difficult as it seems. You have to be prepared, have the right equipment and above all involve your children. You know them better than anyone so you will know what fruit they like and the type of bread. I know that all of us Moms want them to eat a wide variety and that is the goal. But introducing new foods in the lunch box may not be optimal. Try to do it at home, on a weekend or more routine days. Here I give you more of my strategies, what foods to include and other strategies to make your lunchboxes a success.

Here's my video in spanish of How to build a healthy lunchbox/lunch:

The art of creating a healthy and successful lunch box starts with having the right equipment. The same can be said in the kitchen. If you don't have the right ingredients, knives and pans, food doesn't turn out to be the same.

Today there are many types of lunch boxes or containers to take food to school. But back in the day, I used to carry my sandwiches in the typical disposable bag, but that's over! There are containers of all styles and colors. I recommend that you look for packages with at least two to three divisions. That way you will be psyching yourself up to include other types of food.  The nutritional goal in the school lunch box is to include at least three types of food to ensure variety and nutrition.  Look for the lunch box with your child's needs and preferences. If your little one likes to bring hot food, then look for one that has that option. The key is to find the right lunch box or container.  

Here I give you the 10 best lunch boxes and packaging. Nutrichicos is part of the Amazon affiliate program.

10 Best Lunch Boxes & Equipment

Easy Lunch Boxes

These are one of my favorites because of how simple they are. They always say that the simpler, the better. This lunch box will not disappoint you. They come in packs of 3 and are super durable. They can even be used to store different types of leftovers. I use them for my lunches at the office.

Fit & Fresh Bento Box Lunch Kit

Keeps food cold by including an ice pack on top of the container. Includes 3 large compartments where a sandwich or a main dish fits.

Omnie Bento Box

This lunch box is perfect for children who like to carry hot food. It has a compartment to keep food warm and another for food at different temperatures.

Pack it Freezable lunch bag

This bag is great since you can put it in the freezer first and it works like a cooler. It has space to put a small lunch box like the one from Easylunchboxes or simply carry the food separately.

Bentogo Children’s LunchBoxes

If you have small children this may be the lunch box for you. Extremely durable, dishwasher safe (very important), and portion sizes are smaller. It has 4 compartments and allows you to put small snacks if you want.

Planetbox Rover Complete

This lunch box has it all. It comes with a 5-section stainless steel container plus its own bag. Somewhat pricey, but ensures you won't need any other bag.


Another of my favorites includes 4 compartments and 1 little one, perfect for dressings or salads. Its design is suitable for including different types of food and for snacks or lunches. It also comes with its own bag that saves you from having to buy another bag to carry the lunch box.

Pantry Elements Silicone Baking Cups

It is not a lunch box as such, but these silicone molds are multipurpose and can help you compartmentalize a lunch box. You can also use them later to bake your little one's cupcakes.

Lunch Cube Max System

My new acquisition and I have been quite happy with this lunch box. It is larger than others but allows you to carry more food. Suitable for teenagers or older children. You can put a sandwich / fruit / chips and on the outside you have space for 3 different meals.

Rubermaid Lunch Blox Container Entree

These containers are microwave safe, dishwasher safe and durable. If your child likes to bring leftovers or there is microwave access, this might be a good option for you.  

If you want more healthy lunch box ideas, you can see more here. Or if you want to know where to get some of these recommendations, you can click here to access my updated list. I hope this has inspired you.

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