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Let’s work together to transform your kid's nutrition through positive eating habits, freedom, and joyful play.

without diets or tricks

You might have seen me on

We’ll work great together if our feeding philosophy aligns

not perfection.
Food is
culture and family
on the experience
with limits and trust
not restricting
experiences with food
nutrition with simple meals
and curiosity around food

We are working on products to help more families improve their kid's nutrition

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Who is behind Nutrichicos?

I'm Marina

I’m guessing you’re here because you are struggling with your kid's nutrition. Besides being a pediatric registered dietitian for more than 13 years I’m a Mexican-American busy mom entrepreneur of two girls. Feeding kids can be challenging but I’m here to tell you it doesn’t need to be. My goal is to empower you and give you the tools you need to raise positive and healthy eaters.

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We work with parents on nutrition challenges from birth to teenage years

Overweight, underweight, special diets, vegan, picky eater, slow growth.

1-12 Months old

1-3 Years old

4-12 Years old

13-18 Years old

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Results from parents working with us

Nutrichicos me hace sentir que aún en la locura del día a día no estoy sola y no todo tiene que salir perfecto con nuestros niños y que eso es normal. Marina tiene mucha experiencia siendo nutricionista certificada, con un approach fácil y divertido que es súper sencillo y aplicable y con el que me identifico al 100%

Irene, mom of two and Realtor

I was worried we will never be able to sit down with the kids for a family dinner. Fast forward one month later, we are seated at a restaurant, kids eating independently and shocked my daughter ordered the grilled fish and ate everything on her plate.

Amy, mom of two and Realtor

I’m feeling more relaxed about his eating habits because I now understand what’s normal for his age. My expectations have decreased and I’m much more relaxed. I’m feeling more confident as a mom, knowledge is key.

Jeannette, Mom of one and Entrepreneur

We are creating solutions for you and would love to have you on board

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“Parenting is hard, your kids' nutrition
doesn’t have to be.”
Marina Chaparro, RDN CDE MPH


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