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The Best School Lunch Boxes: All the equipment you must have (2019 Edition)

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What is promised is debt! We already started this return to school (School Season) and I don't know about you but we always need some inspiration to create our children's famous School Lunchboxes. We start the year with all the motivation in the world and by June we are already giving up! Then I offer you Strategies For Parents with my recommended products to create healthy, delicious and fun lunch boxes.

Best School Lunch Boxes & Equipment

1. “LunchBots”  Toddler Bento Box – Small Snack Packer

Small lunch box option (5.5 x 4) with 2 compartments, made of high quality steel, which makes it durable and easy to clean, a good option also for snacks. I like it because I can put food on it hot and keep it that way for a long period of time, plus I have room to add another snack. Good option for younger children. There are also other sizes with different amounts of compartments.

2. “Yumbox” Leakproof Bento Lunch Box

The new acquisition for this back to school. It has a guide of which food groups can be placed in each box. It is easy to wash since it has a retractable tray and its resistant lid prevents accidents due to its leak and spill-proof design, making it ideal for placing semi-liquid foods such as yogurts, sauces, creams, etc.

3. “Peagreen” Mini Lunch Notes

These little cards are designed with fantastic colorful and bright patterns to liven up children's lunch boxes, as well as allowing you to add a personal and loving touch to your children's meals.

4. “EasyLunchBoxes” Bento Lunch Box

One of my favorites! This lunch box has a classic design, super comfortable and perfect to cover the basic needs when it comes to packing children's meals, it will certainly not disappoint you. They come in a set of 4 containers, each with 3 compartments, and are super durable. There are also other smaller sizes, ideal for snacks or picnic-style snacks. They are a hit in our house. If you see my stories on Instagram you will understand why.

5. “Fit & Fresh” Bento Box Lunch Kit

What I like most about this school lunch box is that it contains an ice pack on top that helps keep food cold and fresh. It contains 3 boxes with 2 compartments with its container included. A sandwich fits perfectly and in the other compartments a fruit or some other snack. A very complete and comfortable size lunch box!

6. “Omnie” Bento Box

This lunch box has a special function, it has a compartment where an insulated steel thermos is placed, which serves to keep the food warm at all times. The other compartments are designed to keep food fresh and cold, plus the thermos can be removed and the space can be used to put other food which you would like to keep fresh. Ideal for older children or those who like their food piping hot!

7. “PackIt” Freezable Lunch Bag

The lunch box that we present now has a system that allows it to be used with a small cooler if we put it in the freezer beforehand. It maintains the temperature for a long period of time and is easy to carry. It can be folded to put it in the backpack after use to save space. Inside you can place small lunch boxes or food separately.

8. “Bentgo” Children’s Lunch Boxes

A perfect lunch box for toddlers. This lunch box was a new purchase this back to school and I really liked it! They have very striking designs that captivate the attention of the babies, very resistant for the most active children. It can be put in the dishwasher with no problem. It has 5 practical compartments that allow you to put snacks or portions suitable for younger children and has a leak-proof system, so it avoids possible messes.

9. “Planetbox” Rover Complete

A large stainless steel lunch box, which includes 2 round containers with lids, a soft and light carrying bag that makes it much more comfortable to carry. The price is a little higher than the rest, but it is certainly an investment that will keep anyone who acquires it happy.

10. “Bentology” Lunch Bag and Box Set

Another one of my favorite options! It comes with its own easy-to-carry insulated container bag and its translucent 5-cup lunch box, one of which is a tiny one perfect for dressing or salads. Each container has its own leak-resistant lid and multiple compartments for separate storage. It also has an ice pack included to keep your meals at adequate temperatures.

11. “Pantry Elements” Silicone Baking Cups

These silicone molds are a great option to make our children's food more entertaining and colorful. Remember that children eat with their eyes and are attracted to bright colors. They are multi-purpose, re-usable and work as dividers to keep the little ones' backpacks more organized. They can also be used to bake some delicious cupcakes for a nice snack.

12. “Sistema” Lunch Cube Max

A lunch box suitable for older children. I confess that even I used it a lot. It comes with 2 containers, both large and spacious, in one of them you can place a meal approximately the size of a sandwich, and in the second container you will find 3 compartments so you can distribute the food to your preference.

13. “Rubbermaid” Lunchblox Container Entree

For the most meticulous people who want to have everything in order, this modular lunchbox is perfect. It contains enough containers to have the food separated according to the person's preference, it brings 2 ice packs that fit directly to the lid of the containers, keeping food cold. Its material makes the ideal lunch box for the microwave, and it's very simple to wash.

14. “Hombae” Plastic Kitchen Knife Set for Kids

It's not really a lunchbox, but I love these kid-friendly knives, especially as an after-school activity at home. These knives are ideal to be used by the smallest of the house (2+ years), since they will be able to help in the kitchen without fear of being cut or having accidents. It contains 3 units and the material with which they are made allows you to cut almost all types of food with total safety. They are versatile, comfortable to use and safe to avoid any type of incident, so your children can cut their food without any risk.

15. “Food Picks”

Using Chopsticks is an amazing way to customize your kids' lunchbox and make their mealtime even more joyful. Sometimes kids with sensory issues don't like to touch foods of different textures because they can feel sticky, slimy, or just not sure. A toothpick can be used as a fun tool to pick up food. They also serve as an alternative, instead of packing a large fork for school lunches. You can place these toothpick sticks. They are also useful for keeping food together, such as small wraps.

And here they are, the most recommended school lunch boxes and products of 2019. If you want to know where to get some of these recommendations, you may click here.

Remember that starting with the right equipment is one of the most important steps in putting together a successful lunchbox. If you have doubts about what foods to include or simplildy how to build a healthy lunch box so that your children actually eats read my other article and don't miss my post on the best lunch boxes of 2018 too.

#MomTips: The key is to be prepared, have the right equipment and the more your children are involved in this process, the BETTER!

Happy back to school to all the little ones!

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