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Getting to work with you ONE-ONE and seeing real changes happen is why I love doing what I do.


At Nutrichicos, we offer Virtual appointments to help you in whatever area of your kids feeding. Whether you have a picky eater, a child diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, an infant who is about to start solids, or a child with growth problems, I’m here to help you!

Try a complimentary 15-minute discovery call, to hear more about packages and determine whether or not it’s the right fit for you or send us an email and someone from our team will get back to you in 24-48 hours.  We're always happy to hear from you! 

If you have any questions on how to get to your appointment, forms, or payments, feel free to call us at (786) 471-7492 or email us at

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Personalized nutrition assessments for infants, children & adolescents. We evaluate family eating habits, and children’s growth. Based on this we generate age-appropriate nutrition recommendations that include individualized meal plans, snack ideas, food groups, portion sizes for age and more. Our goal is to provide you with the tools needed to help you make better nutritional choices every day. Whether you have a picky eater, a child with cholesterol problems or simply have questions of starting solid foods, we make it simple.

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Weight problems can be hard to discuss with kids. Losing weight does not mean DIET or eliminating important foods, especially in kids. This is a family-based program that includes an individual assessment where we discuss current eating habits, exercise routine, and psychosocial factors. You will learn appropriate foods & portions sizes based on your child’s weight, age, and development. This program focuses on understanding the problems and developing solutions that work for the entire family. It includes a visit to the supermarket and subsequent follow-up visits where we will evaluate progress and discuss new goals.

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Confused on what to buy at the supermarket? Do you have doubts on how to read a nutrition label? In this visit, we will teach your kids and the entire family how to make the best decisions at the supermarket. This is a dynamic experience for both children and parents where you will learn about new foods and how to make better food choices. At the end of the visit, you will obtain a personalized shopping list with healthy food alternatives based on your eating habits.

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Individualized & comprehensive diabetes education focused on the treatment of type 1 diabetes as well as the prevention of type 2 diabetes & prediabetes. We provide advanced diabetes management to include the use of insulin pumps & continuous blood glucose monitors (CGM). The goals of this program include: learn how to count carbohydrates, understand variables that affect BG levels, evaluate blood glucose trends & patterns. We also offer comprehensive CGM training, placement and evaluation.

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Pregnancy is a time of change. Good nutrition during pregnancy is key for the baby’s growth and development. Whether you are looking to maintain proper weight, have gestational diabetes or simply have questions on what to eat, this program offers it all. We evaluate eating habits and discuss important nutrients during each trimester of pregnancy

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Starting to give food for the first time can be exciting but also filled with many doubts.  Here we will discuss what foods to give, when to introduce and how to start feeding.  You will get recipe ideas, review guidelines for introduction, including foods to include and foods to avoid.

What we offer



We discuss individual goals, feeding history, and family eating background.  In this session, we will get to know each other, discuss at length your needs, and develop a plan to help you meet these goals by providing you specific guidance, education, and support.


  • We evaluate current progress and goals.  Discuss areas of success and continue making adjustments to meet individual goals.

  • Continue providing support whether that is snack ideas, recipes, feeding strategies or more to help you meet those goals


The most popular package of all. Recommended for visits where follow up and constant support is needed. Includes 3 sessions:

  • An initial appointment where we discuss needs and objectives and establish an individual plan with specific strategies and recommendations.

  • 2  follow up appointments where we review progress and discuss areas of improvement. (The second follow up appointment can be a Supermarket visit as well)


  • An initial appointment where we discuss needs and objectives and establish an individual plan with specific strategies and recommendations. 

  • 1 follow up visit (this appointment can be exchanged for a supermarket visit)


Specially designed for children who have been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. This package includes 3 sessions.


Depending on each case, the following topics may be discussed in each session:

  • Education about carbohydrate counting, reading labels, amounts recommended based on age and evaluating how to choose best types of carbohydrates.

  • Review and evaluate the use of continuous glucose monitors (CGM) and clarity

  • Diabetes management for during exercise or school sports.  Including snacks to consume, insulin changes and advanced advice on the management of insulin pumps (temporary nasal, trend evaluation).

  • Strategies for social events, eating out and more


In this program, you will learn everything about WHEN, HOW and WHAT foods to first give your baby.  You will learn about recommended first foods and important nutrients for your baby as well as which foods to avoid and best feeding methods. Whether interested in BLW or traditional spoon feed baby, the goal is to help you raise adventurous eaters from the start of the journey.


  • An initial session of 45 to 60 minutes face-to-face or virtual.

  • A 30-45 minute follow-up phone call session.

  • One month of virtual support via email or SMS/Whatsapp to help answer doubts and troubleshoot in real-time.

  • Starting solids feeding guide with recipes and meal ideas for your baby.


(3 visits for up to 2 children)

Ideal for families with two or more children. In these sessions we focus on understanding the problems and developing solutions that work for the whole family. Any family member involved in preparing food is welcomed to come to the sessions or participate. This package includes:

  • An initial appointment where we evaluate and set family goals

  • Two follow-up appointments where we review progress and areas for improvement (The second follow-up appointment can be exchanged for a Supermarket Visit).

  • A personalized list with healthy snack ideas for children and / or lunchbox ideas for school.


(Nutrition for pregnancy)

In this package, you will get answers to some of your burning questions during pregnancy.  From the best foods to eat, which to avoid, exercise recommendations and strategies for maintaining a healthy weight throughout pregnancy. This package includes 3 sessions:

  • An initial session in the first trimester:  we set the guidelines for a healthy pregnancy and evaluate eating habits. We include a list of snacks and recommended meals, as well as foods to avoid.

  • A follow-up appointment for the second trimester:  we discuss the important nutrients in the second semester, managing nausea / constipation and reflux, cravings, weight maintenance, recommended foods, etc.

  • A follow-up appointment for the third trimester: (This appointment can also be changed after baby delivery) Here we discuss the important nutrients in the third trimester, exercise plan, additional snacks, breastfeeding and postpartum plan. More emphasis will be placed on what to eat after the baby, strategies to help with stress, snacks to include, additional nutrients during breastfeeding and more.

Discovery Call

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